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DORMWORLD.COM - GUIDES TO COLLEGE AND COLLEGE LIFE is the guide to College Admissions, Scholarships, Careers and General College Life. 

 Our staff of researchers looks for unique trends in many area - including College Entrance Exams, Graduate Schools, Careers, Financial Aid and much more. We even have a team that goes out on Spring Break and reports back to us and who where and what's hot!

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For those that like to travel - well, we have plenty of volunteers for Spring Break reporter. 

 For African-American Students, our researchers explored the various schools and benefits available. Our guides to Historical Black Colleges and Universities is an example - with more to come.


 Our Career Guides help explore the "real world" as my dad always said. He has been a college professor for some 35 years and counting. We look into Graduate studies and schools. Law, Medicine, Education, Dental and more. There is a career for everyone.

 Another one of my father's tips - KEEP on going to school. But he meant to go to Graduate School - not just undergrad. 

DORM LIFE - by Sara D.

Leaving Home.  You just can't wait, right? Will this be the first time you may be living with someone else - and their habits, their friends, girlfriends or boyfriends  - or lack of.  A good going away college book is by  Dr. Ruth - she tells it like it is. 
You'll probably share a closet, clothes, toilet paper, even your shampoo. Don't think so?
No one will be there reminding you to pick up your clothes. Wait to you look at your roommates mess day after day.  Better yet, what if your roommate is like your mom and is a neat freak? Home all over. Guess what you may become the neat one - like the mom you were escaping from....

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